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Click is a mobile application that generates the internet traffic. Click acts as an intermediary between end users and websites. Web sites will buy traffic from Click. Every click through on the URL link by the user will generate revenue for the company. At present, the primary task of the company is to sign up users in massive volume and to generate the internet traffic through Click mobile app.

Users can choose from different packages to subscribe to the company's back-end system and program to generate internet traffic. The differences of the various packages are on the data volume and number of URLs user can generate clicks (internet traffic). Active users need more data(higher package) to create higher click through rates.

In short, CLICK is an innovative technology that allows pooling of users and generates income. This is not an investment but an IT technology development that allows all to participate.

5 effective ways to increase traffic volume
User's Plan

To achieve world-class traffic providers

To achieve 1 million paid users

Become the world's largest direct online traffic provider

Generate millions of direct online traffic every day,
1 Click USD 0.35
1,000,000 hits = USD 350,000 per day
Future Plans & Visions
Expand the breadth and depth of connections, laying a solid foundation for the company to become a global leader. The plan is to become a Nasdaq-listed company by year 2020. In terms of traffic management, we aim to introduce range of diversified traffic packages to enhance the traffic flow and value. To further strengthen the business, we will continue to develop fiber-based applications and services.
Move towards digital life services, focusing on creating digital advertising opportunities. Through the integration of internal and external resources with advertisers to build digital advertising platform, the establishment of CLICK innovative advertising platform to developers to provide new technology research and development, management and market-oriented services.
Relying on the basic platforms’ capabilities, the company will expand into the field of advertising, providing solutions in critical areas and building a new business model. In addition, CLICK will also be connected to tourism, education, APP, smart city, energy, transportation, security, logistics, online shopping and a series of integrated service platform.